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Cost Effective, Reliable, and Energy-Efficient: ESG Declares Tape Plays Key Role for Organizations

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Did you know that it is more than a billion times more likely that you will get hit by lightning in your lifetime than you will encounter an unrecoverable LTO-7 media error? ESG Labs spent the last six months getting to know LTO, and has released two reports that detail their findings around total cost of ownership as well as the role of tape in the next-generation data center. Check out some of the top findings from the two reports below, and watch your inbox for an invite to a spring webinar for more from Jason Buffington and the analyst team at ESG!

LTO for the Next-generation Data Center

According to ESG, nothing is more cost-effective, reliable, and energy-efficient for long-term data retention than tape. ESG’s first report evaluates LTO’s role in the modern data center, and found that by looking at tape technology through a modern lens, it can provide speed, durability, and economic benefits that are undeniable. As part of their research, ESG became familiar with one of the largest super computing environments used for multiple research programs, including hurricane/tornado modeling, the Big Bang, and other critical applications. This system, which utilizes LTO storage, has a capacity of 380 petabytes (PB) – the equivalent of 5,054 years of HDTV video or a stack of books reaching over nine times the distance from the Earth to the moon. And no task is too big for LTO – when it comes to scalability for very large storage environments, ESG found that an LTO solution could be scaled to meet just about any storage needs.

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Analyzing the Economic Value of LTO Tape for Long-term Data Retention

When it comes to the long-term economic value of tape, LTO solutions offer the opportunity for an organization to reduce their cost of ownership, improve operational expenses, and improve user-productivity. ESG analyzed eight cost categories (hardware, software, media, infrastructure, maintenance charges, staff costs, data migration costs, and data access costs) to determine the economic value of LTO tape.

Through their research and analysis, ESG found that in a typical large-scale data retention usage scenario, LTO solutions can yield nearly $13.5M in estimated cost savings over a ten-year time horizon. That’s a 577% return on investment over 10 years! Additionally, ESG discovered that in the given situation the annual total cost of ownership (TCO) for an LTO tape solution generates a significant 85% savings compared to a present mode of operation representative of all-disk storage. This doesn’t even include the incremental benefits through improvements in user productivity as a direct result of shorter retrieval times with tape technology!

By integrating tape with a disk and cloud storage environment, companies can extend efficiency while providing customers with flexibility. Given the cost savings, tape’s economic value is very compelling and difficult to argue against.

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