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Biztonsági szállító és tároló táska, 20 db tokos LTO kazettához, Tutle Case

58.145 Ft (45.783 Ft + 27% ÁFA)

Holds 20 LTO tape cartridges.

1. Double walls protect from extremes in temperature and humidity

2. Outer wall absorbs impact much like a crumple zone in your car

3. Molded individual plastic slots eliminate  shaking, or rattling

4. Padlockable
The cases come equipped with one padlockable hasp moulded directly into the case for superior strength. High quality ABUS padlocks and MediaVault single use seals are available as an option to keep your items secure within your case.

5. Manufactured of High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
HDPE is a non-magnetizable, corrosion resistant material and has a high strength-to-density ratio with great durability, weather and wear resistance. It is commonly recycled, with the number „2” as its resin identification code.

5. Stackable – Turtle Cases are stackable with other cases of the same size.

6. Meets airline carry-on regulations

7. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects